Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Exchange

Feb. 15th

Chelsey - Chicken Gyros (I'll bring fresh tomato and cucumber) - yes.yes. YESEmily - creamy ham and pea pasta -no. yes, no
Betsy -Toscana Soup (potato with kale soup)
Anne - (out this month)
Katie - Company Sandwiches - yes .yes no, yes, yes (less cream cheese)Jess - Blueberry French Toast - no.yes no,yes
Rebecca - Stromboli -yes,yesBrittani - Chinese Orange-BBQ Cashew Chicken - yes.no, yes, YES,yes (less spice)
Johnell - chicken tacos-yes. YES, yes,yesJulie -Beef enchiladas with Spanish Rice - yes.yes.yes, yes

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  1. I just saw that my meal didn't get saved on the list. My apologies!! I've updated it again...